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What’s “A” California Gal Doing in Washington State?

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We are excited to have Guest Contributor Gal “A”  join us this week to share her wit, her sense of adventure and her love for travel and nature, all captured in her photos that we are honored to share with you.  Let us know what you think, and maybe we can twist her arm for future features.-Zanne

What am I doing out here? I’m freezing! I was not born for anything under 30 degrees, I don’t care how many stories Z tells me about growing up in Chicago, the cold is not for me.  But I did fall in love with Washington, the city of Seattle and the small towns of Baring and Leavenworth.  I had a four-day escape to get away, and the natural beauty that surrounded me energized and inspired me.

Catching the sunset on the flight out to Seattle


Chasing winter sunbeams up into the woods
A moment of quiet beauty


I woke up like this



Pike’s Public Market in Seattle


Washington, you are so beautiful


Selfie with the Spaceneedle. I’m so cold right now. This is what happens when you send a California girl to Seattle in the winter.
Looking down on treetops from my cabin


This is how everyone should have a Monday cup of coffee


I loved the natural beauty of Washington so much, I’ll definitely be back in the summer.





The majestic mountains
The raw, wild beauty




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