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Grand Canyon

JD takes a Fall Break

To the Grand Canyon! Fall Break means its time to take a break and go wander.  We took off on a road trip for a long weekend at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We just had to watch our step! Our guide told us over 30 people a year die by not watching where they are going and losing their footing!
Great view!

Taking in the natural ombre colors.WhereGalsWander_Duck_RockDuck Rock at The Grand Canyon. I can see it, can you? There were guys on the other side of Duck Rock flying a drone. I felt safer from this distance.  Just another Elk grazing on the side of the road. He is not bothered by us at all and continues to enjoy his lunch.

Grand_Canyon_WhereGalsWander.comThe views and colors of The Grand Canyon are captivating.

Hopi House at the Grand Canyon
Hopi House at the Grand Canyon,
Hopi House at the Grand Canyon

WhereGalsWander, The Grand Canyon


Our own JD! Hear her roar!

On the road trip out to the Grand Canyon: driving through Verde Valley and then also seeing Sedona in the distance.


JD is one of the founding contributors of WhereGalsWander and one of the original Gals off the Block.

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