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Electric Desert (12 Photos)

Driving around AZ, you will see many Saguaros on the roadside. This iconic desert native greets you with what looks like a friendly wave. After first moving here a year ago, the desert landscape was a new view for me to get used to. The Botanical Gardens is a beautiful spot to explore a variety of desert plants. During the day, it’s breathtaking. But WOW! Witnessing the gardens at night and specifically, their “Electric Desert” exhibition was MESMERIZING! Lights, music and detailed choreography totally transformed the desert in such a splendid sight.

The plants took on a rainbow of dancing colors. The mountainside came alive and became a natural screen and art show. At one point, the way the lights moved on the mountain, it briefly looked like a snake was slithering down the side of it. The way the colors changed on the Saguaro’s, they looked like big rainbow swirl lollipops. The moon was bright this night which added to the beauty of the sky.

This is design on a whole new level! Storytelling in a way I’ve never seen before. I’m so fortunate that Klip Collective’s second garden installation is here in my home town! Zanne, you’ll have to come back soon to see this with your own eyes. Pictures just do not do it justice.

Immersive event by Klip Collective


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