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Adventures Aboard the USS Iowa Historic Battleship

The adventure aboard the USS Iowa began with a beautiful day in San Pedro, California, near the ports

of Long Beach.  I arrived early in the morning, and the empty lot and the morning light gleaning off the canons set the majesty for the adventure to begin.  Tony, the 90-year old vet cheerily greeted me. Tony had served on BB61 like the other volunteers met that day.  Lloyd Glick, a 94-year-old veteran who joins every Saturday to share his stories.

There is such a sense of pride, community, and patriotism as soon as you step on deck.  Guests are greeted as they arrive, and asked if they have ever served in the US Military.  If Veterans arrivals are announced across the loudspeakers of their position, rank, and service dates.

Before boarding the ship, take a moment to appreciate all who served.

The historic battleship launched in 1940 and battled in World War II.

It seemed like a cruise ship than a battleship of World war II with the sun shining against the ocean behind me, and the incredible condition of the ship.  The ship was modestly decorated for the Christmas Holiday, and it was a fun adventure exploring the areas and passageways. The tales the guide told of the struggles to defend our country quickly gave me an entirely new appreciation.

It’s truly a place to honor not only the battleship itself but all who have served our nation, and the support of their family and friends.  To see the battle scars on the ship itself, to climb all the decks and ladders you truly get a sense of the size of the ship (I had no idea how huge the battleship truly was) and in the four hours private tour led by Jim Pobog,  he really took the time to share a day in the life aboard.

View from beneath the first deck of the USS Iowa to the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro

I had the privilege of visiting the custom-made area for Roosevelt as she also carried  President Roosevelt roundtrip across the Atlantic for the Teheran Conference in 1943 to meet with Prime Minister Winston Churchill and  General Joseph Stalin in Casablanca, Morocco.

The COC aboard the USS Iowa

Many are not allowed to enter, unless on a special tour or event, but here is an inside look at where the battles were executed.

It became more somber as Jim told the story of the Number Two Gun exploding within the turret killing 47 crew in 1989.  Those who perished are honored in a memorial is set up on deck.  A dedicated display area is inside detailing the horror and the investigation of the accident.

More About The USS Iowa:

The floating museum offers various types of tours and events, including a scavenger hunt for kids. For more information, check out


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