Weekend Wandering

Weekend Wandering

February 24, 2018

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Our week’s worth of our recently posted photos on our social media, for your weekend inspiration to seek out travel, nature, and adventure.  How are you going to make memories that you will talk about on Monday?  There’s More to Life

All photos and captions are our original creations taken by us unless cited otherwise.

Z: Mondays without an office. Spontaneous adventure. How did you spend your Presidents Day?
JD: My #mondaymotivation which will I feel will feel in my legs the rest of the week. Spent the day hiking the McDowell Mountains, but made it back before dark. Worth it to catch the sunset over the mountains. …..
“All of life is peaks and valleys. Don’t let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low.” —John Wooden Photo by Z, Santa Clarita San Fransquito Canyon. WhereGal
Getty Center, Los Angeles. No matter where you look, it’s a stunning view.
Happy National Pet Lover’s Day and Molly’s Birthday all in the same week (Z)
Read what happens when Z takes a spontaneous turn off the Pacific Coast Highway and ends up embarking on a wanderlust adventure. Story on our site: WhereGalsWander.com There’s More To Life
Z: Watching SpaceX Falcon9 launching from my front yard
JD: Hiking through the southwest desert mountains is like hiking back in time. There is something rough, and pure and clear about the experience.
(Guest contributor A): Washington State, the evergreen state, captured my heart and restored my soul. A cabin in the woods for a long weekend is what I needed.
Z: #nationalcaliforniaday Ironically, just a year before we moved here, I was traveling out to Southern California often for work. I talked about how I wanted my girls to see the coast, experience California, but it was too far, too expensive to travel, would take so much of my vacation time….makes me appreciate even more that all of this is just a short drive away now that we live near LA. Crystal Cove Beach Tide Pools, Laguna Beach
M is done with winter. DONE. Time to bring back long morning hikes, springtime in Massachusetts and old covered bridges. Who’s with me?


Zanne is the Founder, Editor, Administration, and Publisher of WhereGalsWander along with the title of Chief Trouble Maker. Blame her for everything.

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