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Weekend Wandering July 7, 2018: All The Gals

All our posts this week from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, right here for you.  Our week’s worth of our recently posted photos on our social media, for your weekend inspiration to seek out travel, nature, and adventure.  How are you going to make memories that you will talk about on Monday?  There’s More to Life.
These last two weeks have been big for us! JD traveled to Sedona and visited a Phoenix Farmer’s Market; M prepared for her trip to Brazil.  A new blog post up on Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite and a flashback to What Really Happened Last Fourth of July. We also celebrated National Sunglasses Day and National Selfie Day; went to the beach, had a couple of drinks…and oh yeah, 5,000 followers on Twitter!

Here’s recap from our last couple of weeks, Gal by Gal:

JD’s Weekend Wandering

Where Gals Wander You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…it’s in the 100-degree temps in Phoenix, but JD is still looking cool in front of this painted wall art mural. Making the most of summertime
Where Gals Wander-Sedona, Arizona (JD
Where Gals Wander-Sedona, Arizona (JD
Where Gals Wander-JD visits a Phoenix Farmer’s Market
Where Gals Wander-JD visits a Phoenix Farmer’s Market

M’s Weekend Wandering

Countdown to M’s trip to Brazil-Where Gals Wander
Countdown to M’s trip to Brazil-Where Gals Wander
National Sunglasses Day Our Gal “M”, Where Gals Wander
Where Gals Wander Catch up & read what really happened last Fourth of July! Scroll to see all of the beautiful photos of boating in New England last year…but then read the story behind the pics!
Where Gals Wander Massachusettes Sunset on the Railroad Tracks M; After the NewEngland Storms this week, a Boston Sunset we’ve been saving for SundaySunsets. If you’re strong enough to weather the storm, the path becomes clear.

Zanne’s Weekend Wandering

Where Gals Wander Sunflower photo by Zanne
Where Gals Wander “Though we travel all over the world to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Photo by Zanne, Yosemite National Park
Fourth of July at Ventura Beach, California Where Gals Wander
The tavern at Evergreen Lodge Yosemite. Where Gals Wander
Zanne: my postcard from summer in the city of LA. Where Gals Wander More To Life Los Angeles
Where Gals Wander, Santa Clarita Sunset-Zanne
Where Gals Wander: Meet Me By the Campfire
Where Gals Wander Ventura Beach
Where Gals Wander What to do after a Saturday at the beach? Saturday night beers at Dudes Brewery
Where Gals Wander What to do after a Saturday at the beach? Saturday night beers at Dudes Brewery
Where Gals Wander More Gets Discussed Around Firepits than Boardrooms-Zanne
Where Gals Wander Balloons at Pasadena City Hall-Zanne
Where Gals Wander Casitas Springs California, Home of Johnny Cash
Where Gals Wander Yosemite National Park Zanne: I love finding little spots like this. Everyone wants to see Glacier Point or Yosemite Falls. But here I was alone, watching the river race and listening to the birds in the early, early morning hours, having Yosemite entirely to myself (at least this small corner). Everyone races from landmark to landmark, snapping a pic just to say I’ve been there. There is a difference between being there & experiencing it.
Where Gals Wander King’s Canyon National Park, California Little ‘Ole Me & A Big ‘Ole Tree Zanne & her Sequoias
Where Gals Wander Evergreen Lodge Yosemite This will do. Love the cabin woodsy style of this room. Evergreen Lodge Resort-Yosemite More photos up on our site (click link in bio) to be transported to a room up in the mountains you can settle back and take in the view out the window. Weekend, I am ready.
Cheers to the Weekend with a glass of whiskey from Taconic Distillery Where Gals Wander
Where Gals Wander Who wants a little rustic cabin nestled in the woods of Yosemite? Campfire songs, horseshoes, white water rafting…oh, and a heated pool, poolside bar, delicious restaurant and wine excursions. You can have it all. Read about Zanne’s travels to Evergreen Lodge Resort Yosemite (click link in profile)
Where Gals Wander Ventura Beach-Ventura Pier American Flag Z: from sea to shining sea
Where Gals Wander reminds you to breathe
SoCal Beaches-Where Gals Wander


Zanne is the Founder, Editor, Administration, and Publisher of WhereGalsWander along with the title of Chief Trouble Maker. Blame her for everything.

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