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See The World: #WhereGalsWander Tribe

Celebrating Three Years of Wandering

It’s so amazing that after three years of launching, we can see the world through the #WhereGalsWander Tribe. I startedWhereGalsWander because I wanted to connect, with myself and with the world. It’s so amazing that since our launch in April 2017 that we were able to create not just content, but we created a community! I’m sharing some of the content from our WhereGalsWander tribe so you too, can see the world as they see it.

Celebrating the WhereGalsWander Tribe of wandering together, it’s been three years since we launched with #WhereGalsWander. We are honored to create a community of wandering women explorers. Together we create the WhereGalsWander Tribe! During the last three years, over 100 social media travel accounts have adopted our hashtag #WhereGalsWander to share their adventures.

We wanted to thank some of the Gals who have become part of our tribe. By sharing their beautiful adventures and uplifting messages, we have created this video tribute to them.

Our Three Year Celebration of #WhereGalsWander

So today celebrate our “Blogaversary” of the first social media posts. I had no idea that the following would ever be this big!
As of today, on our three year anniversary: 184,000 monthly views on Pinterest; 8,000 followers on Instagram; 17,600+ followers on Twitter
and 800+ followers on Facebook.
Whoever would have thought we would have gotten here? But we didn’t do it alone. And that’s why I had to write this blog.

Starting WhereGalsWander

So here’s the thing, I started WhereGalsWander as a way to connect with my Gal, my best friend, and neighbor for the last 10 years. We lived across the street. First I relocated from our sleepy little town of Plainfield, Illinois to Los Angeles, and a year later she moved out to Phoenix. By committing to posting our adventures it forced us 1) to stay in touch and 2) to push ourselves out of comfort zones in order to have some content to share.

See The World with WhereGalsWander

JD started off on her adventures by chronicling her move from Chicago to Phoenix. She captured the road trip state by state, from the midwestern states to the Rockies to the southwest. Before she even started unpacking, she was off touring Europe with her daughter: Croatia, Greece, Italy, Rome, and Spain. I was spending every weekend trying a new beach, seeing new mountains, exploring the desert. Anything within a three-hour drive was my new normal weekend.

Really sweet collage made by @Elysian_Reflections for WhereGalsWander
Really sweet collage made by @Elysian_Reflections for WhereGalsWander

Building a Community

Right from the start, I didn’t want it to just be about us. I wanted to share that whole “wanna wander?” feeling. As our tagline says, “Ever Wonder if There’s More to Life?” and I knew we weren’t the only ones out there asking that question. Especially after we each discovered this new thing called “hiking”, we found a whole culture that shared our love of the outdoors. Some say eyes are the windows to the soul, but what we see through those eyes and capture in photography…that’s a glimpse of who we are and how we see things that we share with everyone.

Some of our #WhereGalsWander Community coming together during the pandemic
@therach_diaries; @ashleythefoodie;@katie_baugher; Molly; @alynotfromcali; JD; @kellytherecruiter; Zanne; @so_sarah_anne
Some of our #WhereGalsWander Community coming together during the pandemic
@therach_diaries; @ashleythefoodie;@katie_baugher; Molly; @alynotfromcali; JD; @kellytherecruiter; Zanne; @so_sarah_anne

As others started to connect with others, male and female, to share a sense of adventure, love of exploration, appreciation for the outdoors, we grew. Not just in numbers, but in our positivity, support for one another, and cheering each other on. Mostly, I have found others that share a very dry sense of humor thrown in with all of this.

WhereGalsWander Tribe

Seeing the World Through Our Travel Tribe’s Eyes

So we launched in April, and by July we had our website up and going writing the stories behind the photos you see everyday and sharing our personal meaning behind them. We invited others to share their stories as well, and a collection of our guest blogger content can be found on our page under WhereGalsWander Travel Tribe. And yes, we have guest bloggers who are guys too. The first articles shared were from The Gentleman Racer with his motorcycle road trip from Clevland to California and the second was Adam Asher sharing about The Edge of Adventure.

#WhereGalsWander Collection

A LifeStyle Project
Our First #WhereGalsWander Tribe Member

And then I noticed our hashtag #WhereGalsWander was being used on other accounts. The first photograph spotted using #WhereGalsWander was an incredible shot of Noose Island in Australia by an account called A Lifestyle Project. I begged her to share more photos and write a blog for us. Then asked her to come back and write another. Chasing Adventure: A Solo Travel Guide To Bali. Even to this day, we are honored she still tags her photos with #WhereGalsWander to be shared and even more honored to call Kylie a friend. PS: Her amazing photos can also be purchased on Etsy.

The first photo on Instagram with #WhereGalsWander by @ALifeStyleProject, the first in our Travel Tribe
The first photo on Instagram with #WhereGalsWander by @ALifeStyleProject

Janie Gibbs

Janie is another Chicago Gal who snaps some amazing midwestern photography that makes us homesick and is a go-to for sunsets and beaches. Her handle on Instagram is @janie_gibbs1 #iJanie

FitLife and Travel

I knew that Shannon from FitLife and Travel and I were going to become Gal Pals right after we started causing all sorts of trouble on Twitter. She also wrote a guest blog for WhereGalsWander Road Tripping in the Southwest that inspired me to road trip from Los Angeles to Zion National Park.

Sarah Luiggi

Known as @So_Sarah_Anne on Instagram, or on her website, Sarah caught our eye with her jaw-dropping photography skills. We initiated her right into the tribe when she shared a guest blog with the title My Reason for Traveling, Living Deeper. My favorite Sarah quote? “You just have to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. See everything with new eyes!”

@So_Sarah_Anne on Instagram

Katie Baugher

I couldn’t be prouder of my oldest daughter who has really taken an interest in becoming part of WhereGalsWander. From her Instagram radiating positivity, her passion (obsession) with travel, and her eye for photography, I couldn’t be happier than to have her on the team. Check out her guest blog about her travels to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall, her campaign on mental health awareness or the company she launched in January making and pouring her own homemade organic soy candles at

Katie Baugher
@Katie_baugher on Instagram

See the World with Future #WhereGalsWander Tribe Guest Bloggers?

Yeah, that’s a big hint as well as a thank you and a shout out for thousands of photos out there tagged #WhereGalsWander. We get to see the world through your eyes. We are honored and touched that you included us in sharing your journey. We are here to support you, and cheer you on. Also here to have deep insightful thoughts. And/or really sarcastic jokes whenever needed. This is more than just a hashtag collection-this is our Travel Tribe.

These Amazing Wonderful Wild Women


Elsie Strickland. She lives in Alaska, she has an awesome dog and shares my sense of humor. Enough said.

@Elskimolynn on Instagram
Hiking women, adventure, outdoors
@Elskimolynn on Instagram

Elysian Reflections

Rith Taylor is a photographer living life on the road. Looking at her photos I have serious wander envy. We have developed a scale of joy from Chill Kermit GIFS to Excited Kermit GIFS. Love this Gal.

When Glacier National Park reposts your photo, you know its good.  @Elysian_Reflections on Instagram. #WhereGalsWander travel tribe
When Glacier National Park reposts your photo, you know its good. @Elysian_Reflections on Instagram.


Andrea is always radiating adventure and positivity, plus, I love her hiking wardrobe. Her blog is at

Amaixico Travel Mexico with Luisa Gonzalez

Luisa’s photos are as bright and colorful as her personality as she shares her home country of Mexico. Her style makes you feel like you are getting your own personal tour. Her Instagram handle is @amaixico on Instagram.

Mountain Women

All of these adventure women are usually trying to hike up a mountain in the dead of winter, or climbing the face of sheer rock in a National Park, or perching on an edge of a cliff. They are doing all of the things I say I want to do but then again, Nah. I’ll just live vicariously through them.

@wanderinblonde_ on Instagram
@wanderinblonde_ on Instagram

Gals Who Travel in Style

@shaziaaashraf on Instagram

Ladies Who Roam and Wander the World

@AshleyTheFoodie and @JennaXWalsh on Instagram
@Amy_Lees on Instagram
Roaming Nanny hiking throug the woods. Part of the #WhereGalsWander Tribe
@RoamingNanny on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
Her website: RoamingNanny
@Shawnaratto177 on Instagram
Part of the #WhereGalsWander Tribe
@Shawnaratto177 on Instagram
@wandergoose on Instagram
Part of the #WhereGalsWander Tribe
@wandergoose on Instagram

And last but not least, @Amy.L.Tryon who I “met” earlier today in an online conversation with myself and Adam Asher that we host every Saturday morning. I was talking about WhereGalsWander and what it means, and our search for “More To Life” if it’s in your backyard or across the world as long as it has personal meaning for you. I’ll leave you on this note, sharing some comments she made on Facebook as we were talking. To me, this is what it is all about:

@Amy.l.tryon on Instagram
Part of the #WhereGalsWander Tribe
@Amy.l.tryon on Instagram

Amy Lynn Tryon: The best thing about travel is it’s never done even if you have seen a place before on a different day you can see it all differently. You’ll always find something new to appreciate.

Zanne: This is my favorite quote as of today-and this week! I wish I had said it.

Amy: You say it with every picture you take.

From the online Live Chat event: Wander to The Edge with Zanne from WhereGalsWander and Adam Asher from The Edge of Adventure. You can view it on YouTube by clicking here.

Celebrating Seeing The World, Three Years Later #WhereGalsWander

More to come! Check back to see more content coming this week.
We appreciate any comments or feedback below, and if you are interested in contacting us to do a Travel Tribe guest blog, please contact [email protected].

You can also view the video version of these images and interviews on our YouTube channel.


Zanne is the Founder, Editor, Administration, and Publisher of WhereGalsWander along with the title of Chief Trouble Maker. Blame her for everything.

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